It’s been just 1 WEEK since the release of ‘Holding On’, so I wanted to let you guys know what we’ve achieved. Trust me when I say without the help of you guys sharing and vibing on my music,  none of this is remotely possible. 
Holding On’ has had over 40’000 plays on @spotify alone and close to 10’000 on @applemusic . 
It’s had 4 plays and plugs on @triple_j (which if you’re a long time follower, that’s big 😁) if you wanna hear it on air some more shoot them a text -0439 757 555 . 
It’s been added to @applemusic ‘s ‘Future Hits’ 😱 and a bunch of incredible @spotify playlists (again this is mostly algorithm based, so that’s you guys frothing it) . 
AND to add to this ‘So Close’ has had over 700’000 plays and ‘Sleep By Rivers’ has had over 4 million . 
This is absolutely wild guys, especially taking in the fact we’re doing this without the backing of a major labels, pretty much no money to back myself and basically zero radio support, it’s pretty unheard of! Thank you so many times over. I can’t wait to share more of these milestones with you . 
Kyle xx

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